Wow!! A Black Page!  Well, what better color for displaying neon than a BLACK page.

Neon is COOL!  Neon is IMPULSE!  NEON is ART!

On this page you will see just some of the many things that we have had done in neon.  Unfortunately, I can't claim to be the artist, I just have the contact.  Many of these items are in stock and for sale.  Others are pictures of what we have had done and could be repeated.  Use your imagination!  We can get it for you!
Green Bay Packer Helmet- $199.00 In Stock
We can do most of the NFL and College Helmets.  E-mail us for a quote on your favorite.  The pictures don't do justice on the colors for any of the neon.  The colors look much deeper than the picture makes it look.

Kansas City Chiefs- $199.00 In Stock
The red is much deeper in real life.

Wisconsin Badgers- $199.00 In Stock

Chicago Bears- $199.00 In Stock

Minnesota Vikings- $199.00 Made on request

Cessna Airplane- $199.00 In Stock

SeaRay Boat- $199.00 In Stock

Snoopy Flying Ace- Made on Request-About $500.00.

This is how good this guy is.  The first one he made for me.   

Mickey Mouse- $250.00